Agricultural Bee Nesting Tubes

“Mommy, why are bees yellow and black?”

“I think that is a question you will have to ask God.”


“Okay, can we go call him now?”


I love that the hardworking honeybees are females and that they are usually the

only bees people see. The females gather food, create and protect the hive, clean, and

circulate the air by flapping their wings inside the hive. The Queen’s job is to simply lay

the eggs for the next generation of workers.

Honeybees are a major source of the world’s food supply. Although other sources

of insects help pollinate our crops, honeybees count for roughly 85% of crop pollination.

A deadly disease called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) threatens the very existence

of this important member in the circle of life, and the decline of the honeybee reaches

across the globe from America, to Europe, Asia, and Africa. So, measures are needed

to decrease the yearly loss of bees from a staggering 45% in the 2012-2013 winter, and

improve the population of this valuable resource to our survival and economy. If the

world was able to increase the population of bees, the increase in crop production could

easily reach 20% to 40% higher in years to come.


These numbers are staggering when one considers that bees account for almost $15 billion in crop production in America.

Spiral Paper Tube & Core has had the privilege of being a part of protecting our

natural resources by manufacturing agricultural bee nesting tubes that are used by

farmers to increase the honeybee population. The inside diameter of these small paper

tubes even determines the sex of each bee. These specialty paper tubes not only help to

increase the diminishing bee population, they continue to help our environment by being



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