Ever Notice Concrete Form Tubes?

Paper Tubes create Light DeAnna Kane


I was shopping with a friend of mine one day and in the parking lot and I noticed that every 15 to 20 feet there were big light posts to illuminate the area. At the base of these light posts were huge, round, concrete formations that the lights were set into. Not many people would stop to think about the concrete formations, and simply walk by. Yet, something intriguing about the style caught my attention as I realized the concrete had a spiral swirl moving up from the bottom to the top and realized the concrete was laid into formation with a spiral paper tube. The pattern was repeated on all the light posts throughout the parking lot. Spiral Paper Tube & Core provides paper tubes to fulfill the many needs of each consumer. The process of creating the thin-walled, agricultural bee nesting tubes is also used to create heavy-duty concrete form tubes. These measures are taken for more reasons than just to set a lamp post into. These measures are created to provide safe, effective means of lighting the parking lot and to reduce the excessive costs of needed repairs from damage by a moving vehicle. The concrete base at the bottom of the light pole, created by using a round, concrete form tube, can be found in nearly every commercial parking lot across the country. These concrete form tubes are also used for deck posts and supportive parking lot columns. The form tubes tubes are lined with a special moisture-resistant poly kraft liner to prevent the tube from becoming soft or soggy while the wet cement is drying inside. To suit the needs of the customer, Spiral Paper Tube & Core manufactures these concrete form tubes, in the Los Angeles area, in different diameters and lengths. So, the next time you see that spiral seam on a round cement column, remember the importance of its existence. Mostly likely it is there for your safety!


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