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Halloween means one thing to us…crafts.

Halloween comes around once a year, and once a year, kids, parents, students and teachers release their creativity onto unsuspecting toilet paper rolls.

Toilet paper tubes (aka toilet paper rolls) are the most common go-to component for Halloween crafts for this one reason: they’re free!

Everybody has toilet paper rolls, so all you need to make some fun, creative Halloween crafts is maybe some colored paper, paint, brushes, and scissors.

Watch this fun video for some quick, simple, and affordable toilet paper roll craft ideas.

What crafts will you be creating this Halloween season?

Top 10 Halloween Costumes with Paper Tubes


Every October, parents and party-goers alike are faced with this question: What should I dress up as for Halloween?

Like everybody else, we appreciate a unique costume. But, we’re biased. We like costumes that use paper tubes.

Earlier this month, we set out to find our favorite Halloween costumes with paper tubes. We selected our favorite Halloween costumes based on the following criteria:

  1. creativity
  2. uniqueness
  3. use of materials

After scouring the internet, Etsy, and Pinterest, here’s our top 10 favorite halloween costumes.

The paper tube octopus…


The paper tube minions…


The paper tube explorer…


The paper tube mech warrior…


The paper tube mac-n-cheese boy…


Baby boy lumber jack with paper tube ax…


The human frappucino with whipped cream and paper tube straw…


The human toilet paper holder…


The painter with paper tube paint brush…


And lastly, the paper tube R2D2…



We hope you enjoyed our top 10 paper tube Halloween costumes as much as we did!

If you’ve used a paper tube (toilet paper tube, wrapping paper tube, paper towel tube, concrete form tube, etc.) for any of your Halloween costumes, we want to see pictures!

Post your pictures on our Facebook page.