Paper Canisters look great on retail shelves

Is it possible to make a brown paper tube look good? Yes!

Paper canisters are spiral paper tubes, wrapped with custom graphics, with a top and a weight-bearing base.

This “buy WHY doesn’t money grow on trees?” example (picture above) is what we refer to as Style 1A. It’s a beautiful way to package your product without using a boring square box.

This canister is made up of three separate tubes. The first is the “top,” seen on the right, leaning against the base. The top has a permanent metal end, similar to what you’d see on a Pringles canister.

The brown paper tube is called the “neck.” The top fits right over the neck. The neck fits snugly into the base, and gets glued into place. When the top is placed onto the base, the neck is completely hidden. Depending on preference and budget, the neck can also be made with all flat white paper to give it a clean, retail look.

The base matches the look of the top, but is much taller than the top to ensure stability when placed on a shelf. The base also has a permanent metal end. The metal ends we use are all silver in appearance.

We’ve tried gold and other colors, but our process scratches the finish. So, we stick to silver.

For more information on paper canisters, visit our product page.

Are your retail displays ready for selling season?


If you’re a merchant, you’re probably getting ready for this year’s selling season.

Selling season, October through December, is when consumers will hand billions of dollars over to merchants. It’s the one season every merchant pays particular attention to.

Merchants focus on three things: 1) products, 2) packaging, and 3) displays.

A merchant may have a great product, but if the packaging or display doesn’t represent the product well, it won’t sell.

The best retail stores, both brick and mortar and  online retailers, aim to impress each customer with fresh display ideas and packaging they feel proud to hold.

Litho display poles are one of our products that help merchants make selling season a success! Litho display poles often go unnoticed, but only if you’re not supposed to see it. Structurally, display poles are made just like paper towel tubes and wrapping paper tubes, only stronger. Read more…