Made in America. Since 1949.


As you may have already seen, this week is #MadeInAmerica week!

As a family owned and operated company, we’re joining the rest of this nation’s manufacturers! Since 1949, the Hibard family has been manufacturing paper packaging products in Los Angeles.

We take pride in our products and are proud to say we make everything here in Los Angeles.

Here are a few of our most popular products:

  • Mailing Tubes
  • Poster Tubes
  • Paper Cores
  • Edge Protectors
  • Corner Protectors
  • Fiber Cans & Telescope Tubes
  • Concrete Form Tubes
  • Custom Paper Tubes
  • Litho Display Poles

Learn more about Spiral Paper Tube & Core’s history here:



Why summer day camps love toilet paper tubes?

The arrival of Memorial Day marks the end of another school year.

As schools close their doors, summer day camps are gearing up. Camp administrators are busy coordinating fun activities for kids, trips to water parks, outings to the beach, and of course, arts and crafts.

Anyone who has strolled the aisles of Hobby Lobby or Michael’s knows just how pricey arts and crafts projects can be. Multiply that by each camper and the overall budget slowly increases out of control.

So what are camp coordinators doing?

They’re taking advantage of what we in the paper industry call a “secondary market.” Nobody buys a toilet paper tube. We buy toilet paper. And when that runs out, we’re left with the tube. The toilet paper is the “primary market” and the left over paper tube is the “secondary market.” Both have value and serve a purpose.

Leading up to summer day camp, camp coordinators are encouraging parents to save their toilet paper tubes and send them with the kids. By asking parents to do this – and not asking them to pay for something extra – they’re utilizing this “secondary market” without anybody even realizing it.

Enjoy those toilet paper tubes campers!

It’s back to school…with paper tubes!


Students across the country are gearing up to head back to school. The excitement of finding out who their new teacher is and if their friends are in their class is building.

And, like the year before, parents are accepting the task of hunting down everything on the new school supply list.

Parents and teachers alike use toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, and wrapping paper tubes to create inexpensive crafts, and keep goodies like pencils, markers, and glue sticks organized.

To celebrate a fresh, new school year, we’re highlighting our top 12 favorite tube-centered crafts! Click the image to learn more about the crafter, kid, or blogger!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!


10. cardboard_tube_executive_student

9. cardboard_tube_flower_holder

8. cardboard_tube_giant_pencils

7. cardboard_tube_giraffe

6. cardboard_tube_jelly_fish

5. cardboard_tube_pencil holder

4. cardboard_tube_pencil_holder

3. cardboard_tube_rocket

2. cardboard_tube_spooky_halloween_bats