Are small paper tubes really that small?


Over the last few months, we’ve been having more and more conversations with customers about our small paper tubes.

Cardboard tube manufacturers usually like to make a lot of tubes in the shortest amount of time. We do too. But small paper tubes aren’t like all the rest. For example, the most common paper tube diameter is 3 inches. We can make truckloads of paper tubes with a 3 inch diameter in a relatively short period of time. Small paper tubes, on the other hand, much require more attention.

Image trying to thread a needle – regardless of how you go about it, it’s going to take some time. Making small paper tubes is the same way. Years ago, a 1 inch diameter was the smallest we could make, but with some new tooling and machinery, we are now able to make small paper tubes with a quarter inch diameter (.250″).

The paper needed to make small paper tubes is thin and unforgiving. Making sure each layer of paper has the right amount of glue applied is also a factor. Between the paper and glue, the manufacturing process requires continuous attention. We’ve been able to master the process and are making more custom paper tubes, with small diameters, than ever before.

“Bee nesting tubes” and “thread protectors” are two very common small paper tubes. Bee nesting tubes are being used as temporary “bee houses” to help replenish the declining bee population. They are about the size of a McDonald’s straw and bees fly into them and hibernate inside. The most popular bee to use bee nesting tubes is the osmia lignaria, also commonly referred to as the blue mason bee.

Thread protectors are placed around threaded screws, bolts, etc. The thin paper tube is just enough packaging material to protect the threads during shipment.

Here are some examples of small paper tubes.







User comments on “Are small paper tubes really that small?”

  1. rose says:

    we make small insulating spiral_paper_tube as kraft thread protectors in china . It use on Motor fuse links etcs .


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