Fulfillment Services for Cardboard Tubes and Poster Tubes

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Shoppers and consumers alike, when asked what is the primary goal of your purchase, will undoubtedly answer the same thing: They want to get the most return on their investment. The difference in the investment is what separates the packs. Some people just want to get the most products they can for the cheapest price, others may want better quality products regardless of the cost. Manufacturers want to get the most money for their products, and expedite the return on their investment by getting their products to market as fast as possible.

However, “as fast as possible may also be more time consuming than one may expect. In a customer service oriented business, Spiral Paper Tube & Core is a family owned business that understands the need for speed in the shipping and packaging industry. Our in-house fulfillment center offers customers the option to order their Poster Tubes, Mailing Tubes, Fiber Canisters, or Telescope Tubes AND have them fulfilled with their products, promotional items, etc., all at Spiral Paper Tube & Core.

What does this mean? This means that customers that have a product that they want to get to market or ship quickly can eliminate additional shipping costs and time by having their products delivered to Spiral Paper Tube’s Los Angeles manufacturing plan and fulfillment center, packed, and ready for individual shipment from a distribution warehouse.

Located near the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, it is not uncommon for international shipments to arrive, get fulfilled just as the paper tubes are being completed, bulk packed, and shipped to the customer’s preferred distribution center.

If you are interested in learning more about our in-house Fulfillment Services, contact us today.


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