Happy New Year! It’s a Great Year for Packaging!


Best wishes from all of us at Spiral Paper Tube and Core!

If you are already familiar with who we are and what we make, we are excited you will be joining us for yet another year! If you are newer to the packaging industry, or to our packaging products, welcome! We are happy to have you!

Our goal is to provide you with information about each product, answer any questions, and make a paper tube or edge protector that best serves your needs.

Since 1949, we have been manufacturing paper tubes. In 2004, we started making edge protectors (also known as corner protectors). We service international clients, ship our products throughout the country, focus on Orange County, Ventura County, and Riverside County businesses, and offer local deliveries to local customers. In 2013, we started offering 3″ ID x .125″ thick tape cores and label cores online – same day shipping is available on orders received before 11 AM Pacific.

In this blog, we will be going over mailing tubes, shipping tubes, poster tubes, paper cores, tape cores, mill cores, and label cores.

Mailing Tubes – Shipping Tubes – Poster Tubes

One of our most popular products is the mailing tube. At this time, we make everything to order and do not keep anything in stock. Since we make our mailing tubes to order, we have the ability to control the inside diameter (ID), thickness, and length – this ensures we make a product to fit your exact needs.

Structurally, a mailing tube is the same as the rest of the paper tubes we make. The use of the product determines its name. For example, a shipping tube might be 3 inches in diameter, 36 inches long, and .125 inches thick. A paper core may have the same dimensions but, since it is used differently, it is called a paper core instead of a shipping tube.

Mailing Tubes, Shipping Tubes and Poster Tubes are also, structurally, the same. The phrase “mailing tube” indicates something will be placed inside and it will be mailed by a postal service. The phrase “shipping tube” indicates nearly the same thing but is typically used when shipping heavier, industrial products. Can you guess what is being shipped when the phrase “poster tube” is being used?


 POP QUIZ: Did you know the diameter of a paper tube is always measured from the inside?


Paper Cores – Tape Cores – Mill Cores – Label Cores

A paper tube is referred to as a “paper core” when something is wrapped around the outside of it. If something is being placed on the inside of a tube, it is not referred to as a core. Some of the most common paper cores are found in restrooms and kitchens. Can you guess what they are?

The strength and integrity of paper cores is important. In order to wind poly bags, stretch wrap, paper towels, tape, labels, etc. on the core, it is usually placed on a machine. If the core crushes or collapses, a number of other issues will arise.

For tape manufacturers and label manufacturers, we offer over ninety different lengths of 3 inch diameter, .125 inch thick paper cores – the goal of making these available online is to provide paper cores faster than ever before.


If you have any specific questions about any of the products mentioned here today, as always, please feel free to Contact us. We look forward to helping you in 2015!


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