Los Angeles Cardboard Tubes and Edge Protectors

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Los Angeles may be known as a tropical vacation spot where many visitors from all over the world come to experience fabulous weather, exquisite food, and a variety of entertainment options…and who can forget Disneyland? Tourists are not often acutely aware of the booming industry that equates to roughly 500,000 employees in the manufacturing industry. Los Angeles has grown to be a leading entrepreneurial entity that supports creativity, new ideas, new products, and boasts the largest manufacturing and retail markets in the West.

Local, small businesses are the backbone of the Los Angeles economy, and businesses that spend years making products that are safe, effective, and economically priced have created a demand in the Southern California manufacturing marketplace.

Safety is knowing what to expect, and not being disappointed with the results.

Family owned and operated companies such as Spiral Paper Tube & Core have been in business for over 65 years for a reason. The care and dedication by each member of the family has surpassed expectations around the globe, but especially in the local Los Angeles and Southern California region. Family members and long-term employees take pride in their work to make precision products that are carefully delivered with bobtail trucks, 48 foot trailers, and flatbeds trailer.

Contact the Customer Service Department to find out if your business qualifies for free, local delivery. 

Custom manufactured products such as v-board, mailing tubes, specialty tubes, and concrete form tubes have been a staple to Los Angeles packaging distributors and end users for decades. Spiral Paper Tube & Core is the United States’ go-to paper tube and cardboard tube manufacturing company, providing unique, custom telescope tubes and fiber cans to clients throughout the country.

Throughout its 65 year history, the company has earned a reputation for operating with integrity, honesty, and manufacturing some of the best paper tubes, cardboard tubes, and edge protectors on the market.


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