Re-Purposing the Mailing Tube…


Find new ways to use that tube!

Find new ways to use that tube!


Everyone wants to get the biggest “bang for their buck.” So, sometimes in order to make the most out of everyday products, it is helpful to understand how to repurpose them for other uses. Mailing tubes are the best way to  send posters, blueprints, documents, paintings, works of art, and even fabrics. If one wanted to get really creative, a mailing tube could be used as a care package that is filled with candies and goodies to a loved one.

What some people may not realize is that mailing tubes can be multi-purposed. A great way to utilize cardboard mailing tubes is to re-purpose them into long-term storage. Cardboard tubes help protect items from basic wear and tear, folding and creasing, yellowing or aging, and other damage that might occur from moving and handling. Paper tubes can be found, and ordered, in various diameters, lengths and thicknesses.

Spiral Paper Tube & Core creates 100% recyclable products that are environmentally friendly and can be repurposed, such as mailing tubes. Each tube is lined with a poly-kraft liner that is moisture resistant, which is sure to protect important items. Mailing tubes also help create an organized method of storage that takes up little space in almost any area of the home or office. Tubes can be clearly marked on the outside with indelible markers that will not bleed through and damage contents. Plastic plugs may also be used to close the tube. Spiral Paper Tube & Core can even create custom colored shipping tubes with different colors, one color flexographic printing, or lithographic labeling. So, next time you are planning that special surprise party and want a fun party favor, think outside the box and try a tube!


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