Real reviews from real customers

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We’re a growing company. We have come a long way from the 1949 days of creating Invoices with a pencil and paper and “snail mailing” them out to clients.

We like technology here at Spiral Paper Tube and try to incorporate what makes the most sense for our paper tube manufacturing business.

Thanks to the Internet, customers needing our products are able to find us simply by using a search engine…gone are the days of the big, heavy yellow pages. Because of this, we are continually meeting new people and are able to work with new customers. In ongoing conversations with newer clients, when asked what we can do to improve our service, the feedback is consistent:


Give us reviews to read so we can see what your other customers are saying. We found you online, so we don’t know you, but if we were able to read some reviews, we would be more inclined to trust you with our business.

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