What are “seaming tins” and why do so many want them?


Seaming tins are circular, punch-pressed metal end closures, used on the tops and bottoms of Fiber Cans and Telescope Tubes.

The process of permanently applying a tin part to a paper tube is defined as “seaming.” Seaming tins are .007″ thick, or the thickness of 2-3 sheets of standard, white printer paper. The majority of seaming tins are plain and used because they are weight-bearing. Pringles potato chip canisters are a classic example.



While most are plain, some canisters have more specific uses and require the seaming tin to have holes or slots. Donation canisters have a coin slot in the top to allow people to drop coins into the canisters. As the canister gets filled, it becomes heavier, and so a plain seaming tin is often used on the bottom.

Using a coin-slotted seaming tin on the top helps ensure the donations will be kept safe while the plain seaming tin on the bottom keep the coins from falling out.







Embossed seaming tins are plain tins that have been “stamped” with a company name, logo, or product details.

Every square inch on a paper canister, Fiber Can, and Telescope Tube matters. Embossed seaming tins are a way to take advantage of the top and bottom, in addition to the custom printed canister.

Google “60MM MORTAR” and discover how the above embossed seaming tin is being used.

Adding embossing to a seaming tin increases order turn around time. To add embossing, vector artwork is required to create a digital proof. A 3″ seaming tin is the most common size seaming tin – this means the seaming tin will properly fit a paper tube with a 3″ inside diameter and a .060″ wall thickness. After the proof is approved, the dies are manufactured. After the dies are manufactured, then the seaming tins are embossed.

Depending on the number of embossed seaming tins required, this process may take a few days. This turn around time is in addition to the turn around time it will take to manufacture the paper tube and apply the embossed seaming tin.


Seaming tins are a go-to, weight-bearing end closure. The polished pieces also help increase packaging aesthetics in a way kraft paper caps and white plastic plugs just aren’t able to. Fiber Cans and Telescope Tubes are frequently used for retail packaging and subconsciously influence consumer purchases.

Consumers are initially drawn to the printing (colors, graphics, words), and often never realize they’re looking at a seaming tin. Most consumers simply don’t know what a “seaming tin” is.

Clearly, on their own, seaming tins aren’t much to look at, but paired with a beautiful Fiber Can or Telescope Tube, seaming tins definitely earn the “assist.”

Because of their ability to influence consumer purchasing, more and more startups, packaging distributors, and marketing firms are choosing to Fiber Cans and Telescope Tubes.

Here are a few examples:

spiral_blog_seaming_tine_money_canisters_600x200 spiral_blog_seaming_tin_labeled_canister_600x200 spiral_blog__seaming_tine_money_canister_top_bottom_600x200 spiral_blog__seaming_tin_pink_nutrition_canister_600x200


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