Why use corner protectors and edge protectors?


Protect Packages During Shipping DeAnna Kane


Shipping is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Yet many businesses do not stop to consider the repercussions of poorly-packaged shipments, or may cut corners to reduce costs.  Spiral Paper Tube & Core has eliminated the fear in transporting your valuable loads.  Edge Protectors (also referred to a corner protectors, corner guards, v-board, v-guard, etc.) are innovative “V” shaped paper products. Edge Protectors gained popularity when companies discovered they could reduce costs, without compromising the security of the load, when used with lower quality corrugated boxes.  This innovative paper product protects corners and edges and has proven to be a cost effective way to protect products during shipping and storage.

Edge Protectors are a 100% recyclable support that adds strength and durability to all sorts of shipments.  This product, made simply with paper and glue, increases load stability and can be utilized to support column strength.  Spiral Paper Tube & Core offers edge protectors in white and kraft, and both can have a 1-color flexographic print to help communicate handling instructions, product identification, and maximizes additional advertising during delivery. Always staying one step ahead of the needs of our customers, Spiral Paper Tube & Core utilizes the innovative minds of in-house engineers to make improvements to machinery and increase efficiencies, ultimately resulting in cost savings for our customers. We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality products and great customer service with the goal of creating long-lasting partnerships. If you are a customer of Spiral Paper Tube & Core and would like to share your experience with others, please click here and then click the Reviews tab on the left.


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