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Community Overstock Program

Community Overstock Program

Local community support is  vital to the success of any business.  Fast food restaurants, boutiques, and stores that offer consumer products, all build around a community and thrive on participation from community members.  Many people may not realize that those local community retail shops also support and require a partnership with larger manufacturing companies that produce products that consumers ultimately purchase for their daily needs, as well as reduce long term costs of the business.

A customer may not realize that the light post in the parking lot of their favorite shopping venue has a cement base that was created with the use of a heavy-duty, round “concrete form tube”.  The large cardboard tube is crucial in pouring the concrete to create a sturdy base to resist damage from drivers, therefore, keeping the lights in working order when they are needed.  Other local uses for paper tubes are found in set designs, private events, farmers markets, agricultural needs including protection for plants or starting seedling planting, paper storage options such as rolling large important documents like floor plans for safekeeping, and many other uses that consumers and local businesses have a need for.

A problem to fulfilling some of these paper tubing needs is trying to purchase such items in small quantities.  Spiral Paper Tube & Core, a family owned and operated company since 1949, enjoys giving back to the community by offering an overstock program that allows local schools, non-profit organizations, set designers, and businesses to purchase our eco-friendly paper tubes at a fraction of the cost of typical small orders.

Quantities are limited and inventory changes daily.



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