Custom Paper Canisters – Style 4

Style 4 - Fiber cans and telescope tubes

I am drawn to aesthetic packaging.

I appreciate when packaging is multi-functional, good for the environment, well made, and economically priced. I like a unique style that brings classic fun, and eclectic appeal, that effortlessly blends with my neat and organized lifestyle. I am a product person and packaging is half the selling point for me.

If I don’t like the way it looks on the shelf, I probably might not like the way it works in my home. Consumers want to know they are not only getting a great product, they want it to look great too!

Many companies place significant value on product recognition which is why so much effort is spent on branding and packaging.

Ask most women what it means to receive a “little blue box” and I bet very few would not be able to tell you it represents a major jewelry store. The “little blue box” campaign has been so successful that women simply see something in a robins-egg blue and think of the store. The creative design, as intended, has created product recognition in box packaging.

Fiber cans and telescope tubes have become a more sought after method for packaging products due to the innovative custom features such as lithographic labeling, end enclosure options, weight-bearing functionality…all while remaining safe for the environment, economically responsible, and multi-functional.

Spiral Paper Tube & Core offers several different styles of paper canisters and telescope tubes. What we refer to as Style 4 compares similarly with other designs but is distinguished by a white, friction-fit plastic plug top and permanent metal bottom. The only structural difference between Style 4 and Style 3 is the top-a white, friction-fit plastic plug. Utilizing this economical option helps the cost down and best serves clients looking to use an aesthetic canister at an affordable unit price.

The white plastic plug is manufactured in the USA from virgin material and is 100% recyclable. The cardboard tube, made completely out of paper, is also recyclable. And the last component of the canister, the permanent bottom, is also manufactured in the USA and is completely recyclable. Together, these plastic, paper, and metal components produce a canister that is altogether completely recyclable.


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