Mailing Tubes, Poster Tubes, Cardboard Tubes



I recently received an important document in the mail. This document represented many hours totaling over two years of my life. I had poured my heart and soul into those hours, and in the end I received nothing more than a piece of thick paper wrapped in a mailing package with my name on the label. Yet, that paper meant everything to me. It was the symbol that represented a great challenge that I overcame and achieved. That paper was my degree from graduate school where I received my Master of Science in Education with a 4.0 GPA.

I was so excited to finally receive my degree that it never even occurred to me the process of how it got to me. So many times people take for granted their precious items have been delivered to them safely. Each year, many people dedicate their lives to making sure items are packed well in order to ensure they arrive at their destination safe and secure.

Mailing tubes, also known as poster tubes, cardboard tubes, etc., are the most economical way to ensure safe and effective means of shipping lightweight posters, documents, signage, promotional items, etc.

Spiral Paper Tube & Core manufactures a variety of diameters to accommodate each client’s needs. Limited only by the end closure, mailing tubes are available in diameters as small as 1″ diameter all the way up to 12″ diameter. Manufactured to order, mailing tubes can be made in any length.

The economical benefits and dependable cardboard tube construction allow consumers to rest easy knowing their products will be safely delivered. Kraft mailing tubes are the most popular (and most economical) for general purpose mailings and include different end enclosure options such as crimped-ends (snap seal) or open-end, which requires two plastic plugs or paper caps.

Custom colors, one color flexographic printing, and lithographic labels are also available to increase product identification and company branding.


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