Online Ordering – 3″ ID x .125″ Tape Cores & Label Cores

Online Shopping DeAnna Kane

The turn of the century brought about an explosion in technological advances and practices within the shipping industry. Industry research shows that over 65% of United States shoppers will browse online for needed products and services. The U.S Census Bureau reported that the estimated retail e-commerce sales for the year 2013 was roughly $263.3 billion. In the fourth quarter of 2013 alone, e-commerce sales rose over 3% from previous quarters tapping out at $83.6 billion. It is only natural to guess that the highest volume of online shopping occurs between Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, online shopping is usually available 24/7 giving consumers maximum accessibility when searching for products and services.

Consumers have discovered they are able to save time and money through online ordering. One reason this industry is so huge is primarily due to packaging products that are created with quality materials, and quick turnaround to expedite a manufacturer’s needs in shipping their products. There are roughly 90 product variations of 3″ ID x .125″ Tape Cores and Label Cores available through online ordering at Spiral Paper Tube & Core. Customers will be pleased to discover 90 different length options, ready to ship, and that Spiral Paper Tube & Core is the only paper tube manufacturer in the country offering online ordering. Customers will also be pleased to find an easy ordering experience.

Spiral Paper Tube & Core continues to lead the industry by not only offering online ordering for its 3″ ID x .125″ Tape Cores & Label Cores, but unlike many other companies, Spiral Paper Tube & Core has answered the needs of their customers and offers same day shipping. Customers simply place their orders before 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time and their order ships that same day! They also have three shipping options: UPS Ground, UPS 3 Day, UPS Next Day Air. This service is ideal for tape and label manufacturers that need a quick turn around.


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