Why summer day camps love toilet paper tubes?

The arrival of Memorial Day marks the end of another school year.

As schools close their doors, summer day camps are gearing up. Camp administrators are busy coordinating fun activities for kids, trips to water parks, outings to the beach, and of course, arts and crafts.

Anyone who has strolled the aisles of Hobby Lobby or Michael’s knows just how pricey arts and crafts projects can be. Multiply that by each camper and the overall budget slowly increases out of control.

So what are camp coordinators doing?

They’re taking advantage of what we in the paper industry call a “secondary market.” Nobody buys a toilet paper tube. We buy toilet paper. And when that runs out, we’re left with the tube. The toilet paper is the “primary market” and the left over paper tube is the “secondary market.” Both have value and serve a purpose.

Leading up to summer day camp, camp coordinators are encouraging parents to save their toilet paper tubes and send them with the kids. By asking parents to do this – and not asking them to pay for something extra – they’re utilizing this “secondary market” without anybody even realizing it.

Enjoy those toilet paper tubes campers!

2 thoughts on “Why summer day camps love toilet paper tubes?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is really interesting.

    1. Emily Hibard says:

      Do you, or have you, ever used toilet paper tubes at a summer day camp?


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