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Made in the USA

After the past several decades, many manufacturers have relocated their businesses from the United States to another country. Cheaper labor and raw materials cost has been the biggest carrot for these businesses. This has not been unique to any one particular industry.

Spiral Paper Tube is different.

Back in 1949, Spiral Paper Tube & Core was started by two brothers. Both grew up poor in Wisconsin during the Great Depression. Great served their country during World War II. Then both moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of the “American dream.”

The Hibard brothers starting manufacturing spiral paper tubes in South Central Los Angeles. The address was 8802 S. Graham, Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90002. For over fifty years, the business was tucked in, near the 110 freeway and 105 freeway interchange (though the 105 freeway wouldn’t come until the 1980s). It was just south of Manchester Avenue, and just west of the Alameda Corridor.

The proverbial carrot entices many businesses to move their operations offshore, but Spiral Paper Tube & Core is committed to continuing its operations in the United States of America.