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I need 3″ tape cores and 3″ label cores…yesterday!

As a manufacturer, we make everything to order. This means we do not keep any tubes, cores, or edge protectors in stock. Distributors keep stock on their warehouse floors and deliver to end users on demand. When a customer sends a Purchase Order and payment, it takes us around 14 days (fewer days for some products) to produce that order, then ship it.

Tape cores and label cores are a bit different.

The most common inside diameter for tape cores and label cores is 3″. The most common wall thickness is .125″. The length, however, varies.

For this reason, we make 3″ ID tape cores and 3″ ID label cores available for purchase directly from our website. No need to send a Purchase Order and wait two weeks.

5 Steps to Order Tape Cores and Label Cores

  1. Visit our website
  2. Select how many boxes you want
  3. Select your preferred UPS service
  4. Complete your order
  5. Receive your cores via UPS

Where do you manufacture?

For the past couple of years, our supply chains have been irregular to say the least.

We used to order parts and components without thinking twice about lead times, let alone availability. That has all changed, and has caused many to ask us where we actually manufacture our paper tubes and edge protectors.

The Answer: We manufacture in the Los Angeles area. Exactly where we’ve been since 1949.

If you are having challenges getting paper tubes and/or edge protectors from your offshore supplier, please consider contacting us.

Save time and money buying from a domestic manufacturer.