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Edge Protectors, Corner Protectors, Corner Guards, or V-Board?

After decades of manufacturing spiral paper tubes and paper cores, we dove into manufacturing v-board. The raw materials are the same, and it just made sense for us to add it to our product line.

Around the office, we call it “v-board” but on our website, we call it “edge protectors”. We all know what we’re talking about, but why do we have two different names for the same product?

Well, it turns out, we’re not alone. From manufacturer to manufacturer, “v-board” might be called “corner protectors”. The exact same product that we might call “v-board” might not be called “v-board” by somebody else.

We’ve learned to work around the challenge of have a product have multiple names, but for the newbie, it couldn’t be more confusing. When somebody googles “corner guards”, looking for the product we make, they might find themselves on a website offering products that will help help new parents “baby proof” their house.

If you’re looking for v-board, corner protectors, corner guards, or edge protectors, just keep at it. You’ll eventually find a supplier of the product you’re actually looking for.