Made in the USA

We have been manufacturing spiral paper tubes here in Los Angeles since 1949. Over the decades, we’ve watched many businesses move their operations off-shore and overseas, but we are committed to staying in Los Angeles and servicing our domestic customers with the best products possible.

About 20 years ago, we started also manufacturing v-board, corner guards, edge protectors after we learned just how many domestic companies were in needed of domestic products. We use high quality, recycled paper to manufacture our paper tubes and v-board.

Covid-19 Coronavirus Update

America’s manufacturing companies have been jolted by the coronavirus pandemic. We are no different.

Because our paper tubes support a variety of supply chains, we’re considered essential. As a toilet paper tube manufacturer, we’ve seen a rapid increase in need over the past two weeks.

To source paper tubes faster (many American companies buy their paper tubes from China), domestic manufacturers have been contacting us.

To support America’s supply chain, we’re doing all we can to produce as many paper tubes as possible, as quickly as possible.

If you too are looking for a domestic manufacturer of spiral paper tubes, please call our customer support directly at (562) 801-9705. We look forward to supporting you as you support our country.