Plastic End Plugs…Hidden in Plain Sight

The ongoing joke for many in the paper tube industry, is that the average American uses 8 paper tubes a day…all without realizing it.

Because who really pays attention to how the Pringles can is made? Or that the salt and paper shaker at the dinner table is like a mini Pringles can with a shaker top. Or that mascara is packaged in a cute paper canister.

The same applies to plastic end plugs.

For those who have ever ordered a poster of your favorite band or classic movie, it probably arrived in a spiral paper tube, with white plastic end plugs at each end. But you, like most, probably removed the end plug, carefully removed the prized poster, and simply tossed the poster tube and end plugs without ever giving the packaging a second thought.

Poster tubes and plastic end plugs are the #1 method to ship poster tubes, but since the average person doesn’t really knows that, we’ll just continue to be grateful to play a small role in getting a beloved poster to an appreciative fan.

How to ship posters?


Let’s assume you’re just starting your poster company and that you are the one who will be purchasing the supplies, packing everything, and shipping the posters yourself. And keep in mind that “poster tubes” is just another name for “mailing tubes”, “shipping tubes”, “cardboard tubes”, and “paper tubes.” Referring to a “paper tube” as a “poster tube” is just a more specific way of referring to it.

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Mailing Tubes – Poster Tubes – Shipping Tubes


Besides the famous toilet paper roll, mailing tubes, poster tubes, and shipping tubes are a close second.

For everybody needing to “think outside the box”, these round solutions can be seen passing through every UPS, FedEx, and USPS, terminal throughout the world every single day. Structurally superior to triangular, corrugated “shipping tubes”, spiral paper tubes, maintain their integrity from Point A to Point B, keeping the product(s) inside safe and secure.

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