Appealing Paper Packaging Wins the Race – Paper Canisters, Style 3

Style 3 - Fiber cans and Telescope Tubes

Many people would agree that sight is the most powerful of the five senses.

I remember growing up and seeing images of an illusion where if you looked hard enough in a particular photo you would see either a beautiful young maiden, or an ugly hag, depending on how you viewed the photo and what your eyes focused on. I distinctly remember always seeing the beautiful young girl first. As shallow as it may sound, I am simply attracted to things that are pretty. When something smells good, or tastes good… it’s good. However, when something looks good, it is amazing. The visual effect of the item encourages the other senses to instinctively appreciate what you are viewing more and more.

You cannot smell the magnificence of the Grand Canyon. You cannot taste the appreciation of the vastness of the ocean at sunset. And you certainly cannot touch the scenic view from the Eiffel Tower in Paris as the stars glow overhead. So in essence, when a consumer has a choice between two products, chances are they are going to choose the one with the best overall visual appeal.

Of course people are loyal to their favorite brands, but do we not ever take a chance on something new when it looks so appealing? Let’s face it, at Christmas time there are only 2 requirements for choosing a present to open first, one is how big it is, and two the one that is the most beautifully wrapped.

Spiral Paper Tube & Core, based in Los Angeles, has been manufacturing beautiful, custom-made fiber cans and telescope tubes for 65 years.

What we refer to as Style 3 comes with a scuff-resistant, tin-plated, friction-fit metal plug top, and permanent metal bottom. The “permanent metal bottom” is similar to what you would see on the bottom of a Pringle’s canister; it’s a great way to secure the bottom and ensure the safety of the contents inside.

Some clients prefer a plain, kraft brown canister; however, most prefer to brand the canister with their company logo or custom design. During the quoting process, we provide a dieline – this includes information on label sizing, bleed, paper stock, coating, etc. With the dieline, each client creates their art and provides us with their art files (.ai files preferred).

After we receive the order and art file(s), a PDF proof is conveniently provided. The proof enables each client to review it one last time before it goes to print. This is the last opportunity to make sure spelling, punctuation, grammar, graphic placement, etc. is correct.  After the proof is approved, we print the “labels”. Our labels are C2S lithographic sheets with CMYK printing and an aqueous coating. Pantone colors may also be added upon request.

The labels take approximately 5 business days to print. After the labels are ready, an adhesive is applied to the un-printed side and it is wrapped around the tube. During this process, the paper tube’s spiral seam is hidden, leaving only one seam, from the top of the tube to the bottom of the tube, is revealed. Typically, the label overlaps itself approximately .312″.

After the tube is labeled, it is then cut to the exact height the canister is supposed to be, and the metal bottom is applied. The friction-fit metal plug tops are not inserted to enable the client to quickly insert their product. After the product is inserted, they can then insert the metal top.

To protect the custom canister, we place each one inside a poly bag before bulk-packing. It is not always necessary to do this, but we rest assured knowing the product will arrive to our client looking its best!

If you are interested in a Style 3 canister but have a few questions, please feel free to Contact Us anytime. We’re happy to help!


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