Product Diversity: Paper Tubes & Edge Protectors

Diversify DeAnna Kane


To diversify, or not to diversify. A company’s brand may hinge on many things, including products and diversity within those products. Ever go to a restaurant and see the menu and become so overwhelmed with the choices? Or walk into a Disney store and have no idea where to start to find that special gift for someone? Or perhaps just the opposite…where you have a requirement and most companies fall short in providing a product that fits that need?

Oftentimes people may settle for something that is less effective, and might not always be exactly what they need. The ability to customize products, particularly paper packaging products, is non-existent in many companies and leaves businesses searching day in and day out. Consumers yearn to avoid the misadventures in making bad choices that are a waste of time and money.

There is a delicate balance of not overwhelming the consumer, yet providing enough choices to fit their needs. However, a truly innovative company will be able to customize their products to not just fill a need, but to fill all the needs. The shipping industry helps improve economic growth in communities all around the world. The key to success is to anticipate the consumer needs and create products that are innovative, inexpensive, and in demand.

Spiral Paper Tube & Core has a more diverse line of products than any other domestic and international paper tube and corner protector manufacturer. Paper tubes and edge protectors can have a 1 color flexographic print applied to the inside or outside, are manufactured to order, and can be produced with moisture-resistant poly kraft paper to ensure a delivery that will have products arrive unscathed.

This unique ability to diversify has spearheaded innovation at Spiral Paper Tube & Core and has kept customers coming back for over sixty-five years.


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