Top 10 Halloween Costumes with Paper Tubes


Every October, parents and party-goers alike are faced with this question: What should I dress up as for Halloween?

Like everybody else, we appreciate a unique costume. But, we’re biased. We like costumes that use paper tubes.

Earlier this month, we set out to find our favorite Halloween costumes with paper tubes. We selected our favorite Halloween costumes based on the following criteria:

  1. creativity
  2. uniqueness
  3. use of materials

After scouring the internet, Etsy, and Pinterest, here’s our top 10 favorite halloween costumes.

The paper tube octopus…


The paper tube minions…


The paper tube explorer…


The paper tube mech warrior…


The paper tube mac-n-cheese boy…


Baby boy lumber jack with paper tube ax…


The human frappucino with whipped cream and paper tube straw…


The human toilet paper holder…


The painter with paper tube paint brush…


And lastly, the paper tube R2D2…



We hope you enjoyed our top 10 paper tube Halloween costumes as much as we did!

If you’ve used a paper tube (toilet paper tube, wrapping paper tube, paper towel tube, concrete form tube, etc.) for any of your Halloween costumes, we want to see pictures!

Post your pictures on our Facebook page.

Think You Have Tube Knowledge?


Paper Tubes. It’s what we do.

Last year, we set out to educate as many people as possible by launching our Knowledge Base.

We had noticed that many of our clients, packaging distributors, curious minds, builders, crafters, retail shop owners, tape and label makers, printers, freight companies, artists, architects, poster companies, etc. all seemed to be asking us the same questions.

Although paper tubes are structurally the same (they all look like a toilet paper tube, with a twirling seam), they’re used in a variety of applications. And depending on how the paper tube was being used, we were able to predict what questions might be asked by somebody in that field.

For that reason, we created our Knowledge Base – a collection of paper tube-specific articles, Q&As, and other helpful information.

For example, an artist who designs and ships custom posters on Etsy will have questions specifically related to packing and shipping poster tubes.


3 Common Mailing Tube Questions:

  1. When both plastic end plugs are inserted, how much does each Mailing Tube weigh?
  2. What size Mailing Tube should I use for my poster?
  3. What’s the difference between “overall length” and “outside diameter” and “inside length” and “inside diameter?”


Another example is a tape or label manufacturer. Instead of using a plain kraft brown paper core, they may want their company logo printed on the inside. Their product will be wrapped around the outside of the paper core, leaving valuable real estate on the inside. Their questions about printing will be completely different than the artist selling posters on Etsy.


4 Common Printing Questions:

  1. Can you print our logo in a specific color?
  2. What’s the difference between Pantone colors and GCMI colors?
  3. Will our ink color look best on kraft brown paper or flat white paper?
  4. What file type and size do we need to send?


These questions are just two examples of the types of questions we regularly receive. If you’d like to learn more about paper tubes, take a stroll around our Knowledge Base.

You may already be familiar with many of the Knowledge Base topics. But then again, you may walk away with a greater understanding of paper tubes.

Explore our Knowledge Base and increase your tube knowledge today!

Paper Caps: The Teenager of All End Closures


They’re so cute when they’re babies. Then we get to dress them up like dolls when they first start school. But then they become teenagers, and the cuteness we once knew somehow disappears.

We still love them, but they’re challenging, in ways we probably never really expected. Over time though, we discover new gems in these young adults and we learn to love and care for them in ways we never imagined.

Paper caps are like teenagers.

Read more…