Ordering Shipping and Packaging Supplies

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The information highway is responsible for a vast majority of communications and sales throughout the world. In the United States, online sales are estimated to account for roughly 60% of all retail sales and will equate to approximately $370 billion. These figures do not include web-influenced sales such as research, browsing, and mapping retail products and stores.

This figure also does not include retail sales of items not purchases or rarely purchased on line such as gasoline or restaurant meals. Retail manufacturers will be more successful in online shopping with products that do not have a need to be touched or seen first hand.

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Product Diversity: Paper Tubes & Edge Protectors

Diversify DeAnna Kane


To diversify, or not to diversify. A company’s brand may hinge on many things, including products and diversity within those products. Ever go to a restaurant and see the menu and become so overwhelmed with the choices? Or walk into a Disney store and have no idea where to start to find that special gift for someone? Or perhaps just the opposite…where you have a requirement and most companies fall short in providing a product that fits that need?

Oftentimes people may settle for something that is less effective, and might not always be exactly what they need. The ability to customize products, particularly paper packaging products, is non-existent in many companies and leaves businesses searching day in and day out. Consumers yearn to avoid the misadventures in making bad choices that are a waste of time and money.

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Why use corner protectors and edge protectors?


Protect Packages During Shipping DeAnna Kane


Shipping is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Yet many businesses do not stop to consider the repercussions of poorly-packaged shipments, or may cut corners to reduce costs.  Spiral Paper Tube & Core has eliminated the fear in transporting your valuable loads.  Edge Protectors (also referred to a corner protectors, corner guards, v-board, v-guard, etc.) are innovative “V” shaped paper products. Edge Protectors gained popularity when companies discovered they could reduce costs, without compromising the security of the load, when used with lower quality corrugated boxes.  This innovative paper product protects corners and edges and has proven to be a cost effective way to protect products during shipping and storage.

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