4 Steps to Make a Paper Tube


Have you ever seen the television show How It’s Made? If you find yourself wondering how things are put together, assembled, or used, you may find it interesting. The format is simple – take a few cameras into a manufacturing facility and capture each step of the process. By showing viewers the manufacturing process, questions are answered before they need to be asked.

The same is true with spiral paper tubes. The more our customers understand about how spiral paper tubes are made, the better service we can provide. Read more…

Real reviews from real customers

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We’re a growing company. We have come a long way from the 1949 days of creating Invoices with a pencil and paper and “snail mailing” them out to clients.

We like technology here at Spiral Paper Tube and try to incorporate what makes the most sense for our paper tube manufacturing business.

Thanks to the Internet, customers needing our products are able to find us simply by using a search engine…gone are the days of the big, heavy yellow pages. Because of this, we are continually meeting new people and are able to work with new customers. In ongoing conversations with newer clients, when asked what we can do to improve our service, the feedback is consistent:


Give us reviews to read so we can see what your other customers are saying. We found you online, so we don’t know you, but if we were able to read some reviews, we would be more inclined to trust you with our business.

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Every Good Mailing Tube Must Come To An End


End Closures are the crux components at the ends of mailing tubes, paper canisters, paper cores, shipping tubes, and donation cans.

Depending on how End Closures are used, they are often called different names and made of different materials – plastic, paper, and metal are the three most common materials.

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Mailing Tubes – Poster Tubes – Shipping Tubes


Besides the famous toilet paper roll, mailing tubes, poster tubes, and shipping tubes are a close second.

For everybody needing to “think outside the box”, these round solutions can be seen passing through every UPS, FedEx, and USPS, terminal throughout the world every single day. Structurally superior to triangular, corrugated “shipping tubes”, spiral paper tubes, maintain their integrity from Point A to Point B, keeping the product(s) inside safe and secure.

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Happy New Year! It’s a Great Year for Packaging!


Best wishes from all of us at Spiral Paper Tube and Core!

If you are already familiar with who we are and what we make, we are excited you will be joining us for yet another year! If you are newer to the packaging industry, or to our packaging products, welcome! We are happy to have you!

Our goal is to provide you with information about each product, answer any questions, and make a paper tube or edge protector that best serves your needs.

Since 1949, we have been manufacturing paper tubes. In 2004, we started making edge protectors (also known as corner protectors). We service international clients, ship our products throughout the country, focus on Orange County, Ventura County, and Riverside County businesses, and offer local deliveries to local customers. In 2013, we started offering 3″ ID x .125″ thick tape cores and label cores online – same day shipping is available on orders received before 11 AM Pacific.

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Fulfillment Services for Shipping Tubes and Paper Canisters

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Over the last few decades, there has been an overwhelming decline in customer service from restaurants and malls, to car dealers, to banks and investment companies, and most every other business in between. Many people will have their own opinion on why customer service has declined, but the constant in any conversation is the fact that the decline exists.

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Los Angeles Fulfillment Services – Spiral Paper Tube & Core

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Spiral Paper Tube & Core helps customers by offering ways to decrease logistic costs and increase efficiency.

When a customer orders Poster Tubes, Mailing Tubes, Fiber Cans, or Telescope Tubes, they also have the option of utilizing our in-house fulfillment services. For example, if a customer is selling posters on Amazon.com, Ebay.com, etc., a large quantity of posters need to be rolled, inserted into a poster tube, and shipped throughout the world.

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Ordering Shipping and Packaging Supplies

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The information highway is responsible for a vast majority of communications and sales throughout the world. In the United States, online sales are estimated to account for roughly 60% of all retail sales and will equate to approximately $370 billion. These figures do not include web-influenced sales such as research, browsing, and mapping retail products and stores.

This figure also does not include retail sales of items not purchases or rarely purchased on line such as gasoline or restaurant meals. Retail manufacturers will be more successful in online shopping with products that do not have a need to be touched or seen first hand.

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Mailing Tubes, Poster Tubes, Cardboard Tubes



I recently received an important document in the mail. This document represented many hours totaling over two years of my life. I had poured my heart and soul into those hours, and in the end I received nothing more than a piece of thick paper wrapped in a mailing package with my name on the label. Yet, that paper meant everything to me. It was the symbol that represented a great challenge that I overcame and achieved. That paper was my degree from graduate school where I received my Master of Science in Education with a 4.0 GPA.

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Re-Purposing the Mailing Tube…


Find new ways to use that tube!

Find new ways to use that tube!


Everyone wants to get the biggest “bang for their buck.” So, sometimes in order to make the most out of everyday products, it is helpful to understand how to repurpose them for other uses. Mailing tubes are the best way to  send posters, blueprints, documents, paintings, works of art, and even fabrics. If one wanted to get really creative, a mailing tube could be used as a care package that is filled with candies and goodies to a loved one.

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